This vSphere Security documentation is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the vSphere Security documentation.




Added information for Validation and Validation period to Change Permission Validation Settings.


Fixed error with parameter name in Verify that SSL Certificate Validation Over Network File Copy Is Enabled.

Added information about the location of the service-control command on Windows to Managing Certificates and Services with CLI Commands.


Added information on tag permissions in Permissions on Tag Objects.

Clarified certificate order in Generate CSR with vSphere Certificate Manager and Prepare Root Certificate (Intermediate CA).


Added Custom Certificate Requirements explicitly at top level. This information was already included in prerequisites to some tasks.

Added a note about login with the vSphere Client to vSphere Authentication with vCenter Single Sign-On.

Clarification in Active Directory Identity Source Settings. The system must be joined to an Active Directory name, and the domain name must be resolvable via DNS.


Corrected the order of certificates in Generate CSR with vSphere Certificate Manager and Prepare Root Certificate (Intermediate CA).

Updated ESXi Passwords and Account Lockout. Pass phrases are not enabled by default.

Corrected steps for accessing the appliance shell in Use the Command Line to Configure Smart Card Authentication.

Fix to Change Your vCenter Single Sign-On Password. If your password expires, you must contact the administrator.

Updated PowerCLI script in Use Scripts to Manage Host Configuration Settings.

Updated information on number of vCenter Server instances in How vCenter Single Sign-On Affects Installation.

Several updates to Use the Command Line to Configure Smart Card Authentication, Use the Platform Services Controller Web Interface to Manage Smart Card Authentication, and Set Up RSA SecurID Authentication.

Corrections in vCenter Server TCP and UDP Ports. For example Port 903 and port 5900-5964 are used on the host, not on the vCenter Server system, and some other ports such as 9090 are only used internally.

Removed information about DSA keys from Upload an SSH Key Using a vifs Command .

Updated Security Token Service STS to include the procedure for generating a new STS signing certificate.


Initial release.