Set traffic rules at the level of distributed port groups or of uplink port groups to introduce filtering and priority tagging for traffic access over virtual machines, VMkernel adapters, or physical adapters.

Enable the traffic filtering and marking policy on a port group if you want to configure traffic security and marking on all virtual machine network adapters or uplink adapters that are participating in the group.

Assign priority tags to traffic, such as VoIP and streaming video, that has higher networking requirements for bandwidth, low latency, and so on. You can mark the traffic with a CoS tag in Layer 2 of the network protocol stack or with a DSCP tag in Layer 3.

Allow or stop traffic for securing the data that flows through the ports of a distributed port group or uplink port group.

Define traffic rules in a distributed port group or uplink port group to introduce a policy for processing traffic related to virtual machines or to physical adapters. You can filter specific traffic or describe its QoS demands.

Let traffic flow to virtual machines or physical adapters without additional control related to security or QoS by disabling the traffic filtering and marking policy.