Enable the traffic filtering and marking policy on a port to configure traffic security and marking on a virtual machine network adapter, VMkernel adapter, or uplink adapter.

To override a policy on distributed port level, enable the port-level override option for this policy. See Configure Overriding Networking Policies on Port Level.


Navigate to a distributed port or an uplink port.

To navigate to the distributed ports of the switch, click Manage > Ports.

To navigate to the uplink ports of an uplink port group, click Related Objects > Uplink Port Groups, double-click an uplink port group from the list, and select Ports on the Manage tab.


Select a port from the list.


Click Edit distributed port settings.


Select Traffic filtering and marking.


Select the Override check box, and from the Status drop-down menu, select Enabled.


Click OK.

Set up traffic filtering or marking for the data flowing through the distributed port or through the uplink port. See Mark Traffic on a Distributed Port or Uplink Port and Filter Traffic on a Distributed Port or Uplink Port.