The storage tasks that you can perform when you connect directly to an ESXi host or vCenter Server system with the vSphere Client are limited.

The following storage features are unavailable or read-only in the vSphere Client:

AHCI SATA devices

NFS client 4.1 with Kerberos

Storage DRS with vSphere Replication

Storage DRS interoperability with vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Storage Policy I/O filters

Virtual SAN disk group management

Virtual SAN profile compatibility errors and warnings

Virtual SAN storage policy based management

Virtual SAN default profiles

Virtual SAN disk serviceability

Virtual SAN fault domain isolation

Virtual Volumes

vSphere Flash Read Cache

vSphere Flash Read Cache DRS interoperability

Use the vSphere Web Client as the primary interface for managing the full range of storage functions available in your vSphere 6.0 environment.