vSphere vCenter Storage Monitoring Service API Reference Documentation

Welcome to the vSphere vCenter Storage Monitoring Service API Reference documentation. This API reference provides comprehensive information about all operations (methods) and data structures available through the vSphere vCenter Storage Monitoring Service API (SMS API).

The SMS API provides access to the Storage Monitoring Service (SMS) through a Java API. SMS is a Web service that runs in conjunction with vCenter Server to provide information about storage. Rather than using the vSphere API to obtain data for reports about storage consumption, for example, you can use the SMS API to generate reports in just a few lines of code. The sample applications, available in the SMS package, show you how. See the Readme for the list of applications, and for requirements about setting up your development environment to work with the SMS API.

The SMS API is exposed through the Web service that runs on vCenter Server systems. The API provides access to several query and synchronization operations, available from the SMS service interface (ServiceInstance).

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