The VMware® VMCI Sockets Programming Guide describes how to program virtual machine communications interface (VMCI) sockets. The VMCI sockets API facilitates fast and efficient communication between guest virtual machines and their host.
Revision History
VMware revises this guide with each release of the product or when necessary. A revised version can contain minor or major changes. Revision History summarizes the significant changes in each version of this guide.
Intended Audience
This manual is intended for programmers who are developing applications using VMCI sockets to create C or C++ networking applications for guest operating systems running on VMware hosts. VMCI sockets are based on TCP sockets.
This guide assumes that you are familiar with Berkeley sockets or Winsock, the Windows implementation of sockets. If you are not familiar with sockets, Appendix: Learning More About Sockets provides pointers to learning resources.
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