You can select a physical CD or DVD drive on the host to connect to the virtual machine.

A virtual CD or DVD drive is associated with a specific SCSI or IDE device node. The type of device does not have to match the type of device on the host. You can configure an IDE CD or DVD drive on the host as a virtual SCSI CD or DVD drive. You can configure a SCSI CD or DVD drive on the host as a virtual IDE CD or DVD drive. To burn disks with the drive, match the bus types with the physical drive so that they are both IDE or SCSI.

To boot from a virtual CD/DVD drive, you must configure it as an IDE drive.

You must have a disk in the drive that you select to access the media.


On the CD/DVD Drive page, select Use a Physical Drive to customize the drive.


On the Properties page, select the physical CD or DVD drive to use from the Host CD/DVD Drive drop-down menu.


To connect the new virtual CD or DVD drive when you power on the virtual machine, select the Connect at Power On check box.

This option is selected by default.


To specify the adapter type and a device node for the virtual disk, click Virtual Device Node.


In the Adapter drop-down menu, select the adapter type.


In the Device drop-down menu, select an available device node.


Click Next.