Before you complete the creation of a virtual machine, you can review the hardware configuration and also add hardware to the virtual machine.


On the Ready to Complete page, review the hardware configuration.


To add hardware, click More Hardware and select a hardware device type to add.



Hard Disk

Adds a hard disk.

Network Adapter

Adds a network adapter.

CD/DVD Drive

Adds a CD or DVD drive.

Floppy Drive

Adds a floppy drive.

Serial Port

Adds a serial port.

Parallel Port

Adds a parallel port.

Passthrough SCSI Device

Adds a SCSI device.

USB Controller

Unavailable if you already added a USB controller.


To power on the virtual machine after you complete the wizard, select the Power on your new virtual machine now check box.


To create the virtual machine with the listed hardware components, click Finish.

The new virtual machine is added to the list of virtual machines on the ESX host.