Administrators can create a customized Web shortcut to share with other users. You can create a shortcut that displays only the Console tab, enables or disables access to the workspace, or enables or disables access to the virtual machine inventory.


In the Inventory panel, select the virtual machine from which to generate a Web shortcut.


In the Commands section of the Summary tab, click Generate Virtual Machine Shortcut.


Click Customize Web Shortcut and select the options for this shortcut.



Limit workspace view to the console

Provides access to the virtual machine Console tab while hiding other details, like event logs.

Limit view to a single virtual machine

Disables navigation to another machine in the inventory.

Obfuscate this URL

Generate a URL that is difficult to read.


Copy the Web shortcut for future use.


Click OK.

To test a Web shortcut, use a different browser or computer. If you use your active vSphere Web Access browser session to test the Web shortcut, you must close all instances of that browser before you can log back in to vSphere Web Access with full user interface capabilities.