If you upgrade to a newer version of ESX or vCenter Server, you can upgrade the VMware Tools version on the virtual machine.


In the Status section of the virtual machine's Summary tab, click Upgrade VMware Tools.


In the Upgrade VMware Tools window, select an option and click Upgrade.



Automatic VMware Tools Upgrade

Upgrades VMware Tools automatically without user interaction.

Interactive VMware Tools Upgrade

Allows you to select the VMware Tools components to install.

If you selected an automatic upgrade, the installation program installs VMware Tools and might reboot the guest operating system.

If you selected an interactive upgrade, the installation program mounts the VMware Tools image file in the guest operating system virtual CD/DVD drive.


(Optional) If you selected Interactive VMware Tools Upgrade, in the guest operating system, open the CD/DVD drive and follow the VMware Tools installation instructions to complete the upgrade process.