Cloning a virtual machine to a template creates a template copy of the virtual machine while leaving the original virtual machine in place.

You must be connected to vCenter Server to clone a virtual machine to a template. You cannot create templates if you connect directly to an ESX/ESXi host.


Right-click the virtual machine and select Template > Clone to Template.


Give the new template a name, select its inventory location, and click Next.


Pass through the target location page and click Next.


Specify in which format to store the template’s virtual disks and click Next.



Same format as source

Use the same format as the source virtual machine.

Thin provisioned format

Use the thin provisioned format. At first, a thin provisioned disk uses only as much datastore space as the disk initially needs. If the thin disk needs more space later, it can grow to the maximum capacity allocated to it.

Only VMFS datastore version 3 and later support virtual disks in the thin provisioned format.

Thick format

The thick virtual disk does not change its size and from the very beginning occupies the entire datastore space provisioned to it.


Click Finish.

vCenter Server displays the Tasks inventory panel for reference and adds the cloned template to the list in the information panel.