Templates are associated with hosts, and the only way to regain or register templates after removing and adding a host is to use the datastore browser to locate the template. Then use the inventory wizard to name and register the .vmtx file as a template back into vCenter Server.

If you want the template to retain its original name, do not enter a name in the Add to Inventory wizard. vCenter Server will use the original name if the field in the wizard is left blank.


Start the vSphere client, and log in to the vCenter Server system.


From the Home page, click VMs and Templates.


Right-click the datastore that contains the template and select Browse Datastore.


Browse through the datastore folders to find the .vmtx file.


Right-click the .vmtx file and select Add to Inventory.

The Add to Inventory wizard appears.


Enter a template machine name, select a location, and click Next.


Select a host or cluster on which to store the template, and click Next.


Review your selections, and click Finish.

The template is registered to the host. You can view the template from the host’s Virtual Machine tab.