You can edit almost all of the configuration for a virtual machine with the Virtual Machine Properties dialog box.

Some properties of a virtual machine can be changed only while it is powered off, but you can open the properties editor regardless of the power state. Some of the controls are read-only if the virtual machine is not powered off.


If a virtual machine is on a host managed by vCenter Server, be sure to connect to vCenter Server when adding or modifying virtual hardware for the virtual machine. If you connect the vSphere Client directly to the host, add hardware operations might fail with the error message Cannot complete operation due to concurrent modification by another operation.


From the vSphere Client, click Inventory in the navigation bar.


Expand the inventory as needed, and select the virtual machine you want to edit.


(Optional) Power off the virtual machine.


Click the Edit Settings link in the Commands panel to display the Virtual Machine Properties dialog box.

The Virtual Machine Properties dialog box appears. There are three tabs: Hardware, Options, and Resources.


Select a tab and edit the virtual machine configuration.

Refer to the following sections for more information about the tabs in the Virtual Machine Properties dialog box and editing existing virtual machines.

Virtual Machine Hardware Configuration

Virtual Machine Options

Virtual Machine Resource Settings