This vSphere Basic System Administration Guide is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the vSphere Basic System Administration Guide.




The topics Windows Requirements for Guest Customization and Linux Requirements for Guest Customization now have reference to the vSphere Compatibility Matrixes document for information on the list of operating system that are supported for guest OS cutomization.

The topic About Snapshots now reflects that VMware does not support snapshots of virtual machines configured with bus-sharing.


In certain topics, removed references to Microsoft Outlook Express.

In Upgrade VMware Tools Manually, updated Step 5 to show that you do not have to power-off the virtual machines when upgrading VMware Tools manually.

In Install VMware Tools on a Linux Guest with the Tar Installer, updated Step 10 to remove information about RPM installation over a tar installation.

In Install VMware Tools on a Linux Guest with the RPM Installer, updated Step 10 to correct the information about installing the RPM package.


In Specify an IP Address Range, updated the incorrect IPv4 address from to

In Using Snapshots, added information that you can use snapshot as a restoration point during a linear or iterative process.

In About Snapshots, added a link to a KB article.

In Revert to Snapshot Command, added information about taking the snapshot when the virtual machine is powered off.

In Collection Intervals, updated that ESXi retains real-time statistics for one hour instead of 30 minutes.

In Disk Metrics, updated the Stats Type as rate and Unit as kiloBytesPerSecond in the usage counter of the Disk Data Counters.


In Linux Requirements for Guest Customization added new Linux Guest Operating Systems.

In Windows Requirements for Guest Customization added new Windows Guest Operating Systems.


In Edit vApp Startup and Shutdown Options the tab name is changed from Start Up to Start Order.

A note added to View vApp License Agreement clarifies the condition required to view the vApp license agreement.

Add a Paravirtualized SCSI Adapter incorrectly stated that Paravirtual SCSI adapters do not support bootable disk. This statement is deleted.

The alarms Virtual Machine CPU Ready, Virtual machine disk commands canceled, and Virtual machine disk reset are removed from the Default VMware Alarms table in Preconfigured VMware Alarms.

How Metrics Are Stored in the vCenter Server Database now reflects that the maximum number of years for which the vCenter Server Database can store statistical data is 5 years.


Initial release.