You can export performance data from the Advanced charts to a Microsoft Office Excel file. You use the vSphere Client to export data.

Before you view or export performance data, verify that the time is set correctly on the ESX/ESXi host, the vCenter Server system, and the client machine. Each host and client machine can be in different time zones, but the times must be correct for their respective time zones.


Display the object in the inventory.


Select File > Report > Performance.

If performance data is not available for the selected inventory object, the Export Performance option is not available.


Enter a filename and location.


Select the date and time range for the chart.


In Chart Options, select the chart type.


Select the metric groups to display in the chart.

You can also specify the objects using the All or None buttons.


(Optional) To customize the options, click Advanced, select the objects and counters to include in the chart, and click OK.


Specify the size of the chart in the exported file.


Click OK to export the data.