You can edit and configure advanced settings, such as product and vendor information, custom properties, and IP allocation.


On the Summary page of the vApp, click Edit Settings.


Click Advanced in the Options list.


Specify the settings. The settings are displayed on the summary page of the virtual machine. The following settings can be set and configured:

Product Name—the product name.

Version—the version of the vApp.

Full version—the full version of the vApp.

Product URL—the product's URL. If a product URL is entered, a user can click the product name on the virtual machine summary page and go to the product's web page.

Vendor URL—the vendor's URL. If a vendor URL is entered, a user can click the vendor name on the virtual machine summary page and go to the vendor's web page.

Application URL—the application URL. If properties are used for specifying the virtual machine IP address, a dynamic application URL can be entered that points to a web page exposed by running the virtual machine. If you enter a valid application URL, the state of the virtual machine changes to a clickable Available link once the virtual machine is running.

If the virtual machine is configured to use the property called webserver_ip and the virtual machine has a web server, you can enter http://${webserver_ip}/ as the Application URL.


Click View to test the Product URL and Vendor URL.


Click Properties to edit the custom vApp properties.


Click IP Allocation to edit the supported IP allocation schemes of this vApp.


Click OK when finished.