You can configure a virtual machine to start up and shut down automatically, or you can disable this function. You can also set the default timing and the startup order for specified virtual machines when the system host starts.


In the inventory, display the host where the virtual machine is located.


Select the host and click the Configuration tab.


Click Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown, and click Properties.


Select Allow virtual machines to start and stop automatically with the system.


Click Continue immediately if the VMware Tools starts to have the operating system boot immediately after VMware Tools starts.


To have the operating system start after a brief delay, enter a Default Startup Delay time.

This delay allows time for VMware Tools or the booting system to run scripts.


Select a shutdown action.


Enter a Default Shutdown Delay value to delay shutdown for each virtual machine by a certain amount of time.

This shutdown delay applies only if the virtual machine has not already shut down before the delay period elapses. If the virtual machine shuts down before that delay time is reached, the next virtual machine starts shutting down.


Use Move Up and Move Down to specify the order in which the virtual machines start when the system starts.


To configure user-specified autostartup and autoshutdown behavior for any virtual machine, select the virtual machine and click Edit.