The power state of a virtual machine indicates whether the virtual machine is active and functional.

There are several access points for making changes to power states:

Selecting the virtual machine and the power option from the Inventory > Virtual Machine menu.

Selecting Power on from the Commands area.

Selecting the power option from the right-click menu.

Scheduling a power state change using the Scheduled Tasks button in the navigation bar.

Power on

Powers on the virtual machine and boots the guest operating system if the guest operating system is installed. When applied to a suspended virtual machine, allows virtual machine activity to continue and releases the suspended state.

Power off

Powers off the virtual machine. The virtual machine does not attempt to shut down the guest operating system gracefully.


Pauses the virtual machine activity. All virtual machine operations are frozen until you issue a resume command.


Shuts down the guest operating system and restarts it.

The following power options perform extra functions in addition to the basic virtual machine power operations. VMware Tools must be installed in the virtual machine to perform these functions:

Shut down guest

Shuts down the guest operating system gracefully.

Restart guest

Shuts down and restarts the guest operating system without powering off the virtual machine.