Use the vSphere Client to add a host to a cluster.


In the vSphere Client, display the inventory and select the cluster where you will add the host.


From the File menu, select New > Add Host.


Enter the managed host connection settings and click Next.


Type the name or IP address of the managed host in the Host name field.


Enter the Username and Password for a user account that has administrative privileges on the selected managed host.

vCenter Server uses the root account to log in to the system and then creates a special user account. vCenter Server then uses this account for all future authentication.


(Optional) Select Enable Lockdown Mode to disable remote access for the administrator account after vCenter Server takes control of this host.

This option is available for ESXi hosts only. Selecting this check box ensures that the host is managed only through vCenter Server. Certain limited management tasks can be performed while in lockdown mode by logging into the local console on the host.


Confirm the Host Summary information and click Next.


Select whether to assign a new or existing license key to the host and click Next.


Specify what should happen to the resource pools on the host.

The options are:

Put all the host’s virtual machines into the cluster’s root resource pool.

Create new resource pool for the host’s virtual machines. The default resource pool name is derived from the host’s name. Type over the text to supply your own name.


Click Next.


Click Finish.