vRealize Operations Manager has predefined dashboards that address several key questions including how you can troubleshoot your VMs, the workload distribution of your hosts, clusters, and datastores, the capacity of your data center, and information about the VMs. You can also log details.

In the menu, click Dashboards, and then in the left pane you can access a list of predefined dashboards. To enable dashboards to appear in the left pane of the Dashboards page, in the menu, click Dashboards, and then from the All Dashboards drop-down menu select the check-box against the required dashboard.

The default dashboard that appears when you click Dashboards in the menu is the Getting Started dashboard. You can close a dashboard from the left pane by selecting the dashboard and clicking the X icon. The dashboard you last opened is displayed the next time you navigate to Dashboards in the menu. If there is only one dashboard left in the left pane, you cannot close it.

You can access the following predefined dashboards from the left pane in the Home page.

Recommended Actions

Operations Overview

Capacity Overview

Workload Balance

The following predefined dashboards can be accessed by clicking Dashboards in the menu, and then clicking All Dashboards:

Capacity and Utilization

Capacity Overview

Capacity Reclaimable

Cluster Utilization

Datastore Utilization

Heavy Hitter VMs

Host Utilization

VM Utilization

vSAN Capacity Overview

Configuration and Compliance

Cluster Configuration

Host Configuration

Network Configuration

VM Configuration

vSphere Hardening Compliance


Datastore Usage Overview

Host Usage Overview

Operations Overview

Optimize vSAN Deployments

vSAN Operations Overview

Performance Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot a Cluster

Troubleshoot a Datastore

Troubleshoot a Host

Troubleshoot a VM

Troubleshoot vSAN

Troubleshoot with Logs

vRealize Automation

vRealize Automation Environment Overview

vRealize Automation Top-N

vRealize Operations

Self Cluster Statistics

Self Health

Self Performance Details

Self Services Communications

Self Services Summary

Self Troubleshooting

vCenter Adapter Details

Getting Started