vSAN Capacity Overview dashboard provides an overview of vSAN storage capacity and savings achieved by enabling dedupe and compression across all vSAN clusters.

The dashboard provides capacity management information including total provisioned capacity, current and historical utilization trends and future procurement requirements. You can view details such as capacity remaining, time remaining, and storage reclamation opportunities to make effective capacity management decisions.

The dashboard also focuses on how vSAN is using the disk capacity by showing you a distribution of utilization amongst vSAN disks. You can view these details either as an aggregate or at an individual cluster level.

You can use the dashboard widgets in several ways.

Total vSAN capacity contributors

Total vSAN storage capacity

Total vSAN capacity left and savings

List of vSAN clusters

Depude and compression savings

Is disk usage balanced (rebalance cluster if variance > 30(%).)? Are disks running out of capacity?

Capacity remaining on all resources

Time remaining based on all resources

Storage reclamation opportunities