You use the Troubleshoot a Host dashboard to search for hosts and investigate associated active alerts.

When you select a host, the key properties of each host is displayed, which you can view to ensure the configuration is as per your virtual infrastructure design. Any deviation from the standard might cause potential issues. You can determine current and past utilization, workload trends over the past week and, the health of the virtual machines served by the host.

The dashboard displays top 10 virtual machines demanding CPU and memory resources from the identified host. Since the dashboard lists all the critical events that might affect the availability of the hosts, the dashboard also displays hardware faults associated with hosts.

You can use the dashboard widgets in several ways.

Search for a host

About your host

Is your host busy?

Are there active alerts on your host?

Are the relatives healthy?

Any known faults with your host?

Top VMs hogging CPU from your host

Top VMs hogging memory from your host