The Cluster Configuration dashboard displays inconsistencies in any of the clusters in your environment.

You can use the dashboard widgets in several ways.

Use the Is vMotion Configured Among All Hosts widget to determine whether an inconsistency exists between the vMotion and HA configurations in the cluster . All ESXi hosts in a cluster should have consistent configuration. Consistent configuration of clusters makes operation easier and performance predictable.

Use the Host Count across Clusters widget to view all the clusters in your environment. If the clusters have a consistent number of hosts, the boxes displayed are of equal size. This representation helps you determine whether there is a large deviation among cluster sizes, whether there is a small cluster with fewer than four hosts, or whether there is a large cluster. Operationally, keep your clusters consistent and of moderate size.

Use the Attributes of ESXi Hosts in the Selected Cluster widget to view the configuration details for the hosts within a cluster.

Use the All Clusters Properties widget to view the properties for all the clusters in the widget.