After you deploy a remote data collector, you must register it with a vRealize Business for Cloud server to process inventory information (servers, virtual machines, clusters, storage devices, and associations between them) and usage (CPU and memory) statistics from the data sources.

Verify that you have deployed a vRealize Business for Cloud server.

Verify that you have generated a one-time key on vRealize Business for Cloud server. See Generate One Time Key for Remote Data Collection.


Log in to the data collection manager on the 9443 port as a root user in following URL format - https://Remote_Data_Collector_IP_address:9443/dc-ui/.


Expand the Register with vRealize Business Server option.


Enter the IP address or the host name of the vRealize Business for Cloud server.


Enter or paste the one-time key that you have generated on vRealize Business for Cloud.


Click Update.

Add data sources to the remote data collector, see Manage Private Cloud Connections or add public cloud accounts, see Manage Public Cloud Accounts.