vRealize Automation IaaS DEM Workers are responsible for the executing provisioning and deprovisioning tasks initiated by the vRealize Automation portal. DEM Workers are also utilized to communicate with specific infrastructure endpoints.

vRealize Automation IaaS DEM Worker Design Decision

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Install three DEM Worker instances per DEM host.

Each DEM Worker can process up to 30 concurrent workflows. Beyond this limit, workflows are queued for execution. If the number of concurrent workflows is consistently above 90, you can add additional DEM Workers on the DEM host.

If you add more DEM Workers, you must also provide additional resources to run them.

vRealize Automation DEM Worker Resource Requirements per Virtual Machine



Number of vCPUs



6 GB

Number of vNIC ports


Number of local drives


vRealize Automation functions

DEM Worker

Operating system

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 SP2 R2