Data Object - VirtualDiskFlatVer2BackingInfo


Data Object Description

The VirtualDisk.FlatVer2BackingInfo data object type contains information about backing a virtual disk using a virtual disk file on the host, in the flat file format used by GSX Server 3.x, ESX Server 2.x, and ESX Server 3.x. Flat disks are allocated when created, unlike sparse disks, which grow as needed.


Name Type Description
diskModexsd:string The disk persistence mode. Valid modes are:
  • persistent
  • independent_persistent
  • independent_nonpersistent
  • nonpersistent
  • undoable
  • append
split*xsd:boolean Flag to indicate the type of virtual disk file: split or monolithic. If true, the virtual disk is stored in multiple files, each 2GB.
thinProvisioned*xsd:boolean Flag to indicate to the underlying filesystem, whether the virtual disk backing file should be allocated lazily (using thin provisioning). This flag is only used for file systems that support configuring the provisioning policy on a per file basis, such as VMFS3.
See perFileThinProvisioningSupported
writeThrough*xsd:boolean Flag to indicate whether writes should go directly to the file system or should be buffered.
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