Upgrading vFabric Web Server

The instructions for upgrading vFabric Web Server differ slightly depending on your operating system and how you installed the original version. See:

RHEL: Upgrade Using the VMware RPM Repository

You use yum upgrade to upgrade an existing RHEL installation of vFabric Web Server to the latest version. It is assumed that you used yum install to originally install the older version.

The yum upgrade process:

  • Installs the latest version of the Apache HTTPD Web Server binaries in a new directory (such as httpd- and removes the older versions.

  • Adjusts the httpd-2.2 symbolic link to point to the new binaries.

  • Automatically updates all existing Web Server instances to start using the new binaries.



  1. From the RHEL VM on which you will upgrade vFabric Web Server, log in as the root user.

  2. Execute the following yum command:

    prompt# yum upgrade vfabric-web-server

    The yum command begins the upgrade process, resolves dependencies, and displays the packages it plans to upgrade.

  3. Enter y at the prompt to begin the actual upgrade.

    When the upgrade process finishes, you will see a Complete! message at the end. Check the output of the command to ensure that the upgrade was successful.