Security Information

VMware is committed to providing products and solutions that allow you to assess the security of your information, secure your information infrastructure, protect your sensitive information, and manage security information and events to assure effectiveness and regulatory compliance. As part of this commitment, the following vFabric tc Server-specific security information is provided to help you secure your environment:

External Interfaces, Ports, and Services

A tc Runtime instance uses TCP/IP ports to receive incoming requests and send outgoing responses. Different protocols (such as HTTP/S, JMX, and AJP) listen on different ports. If you create a tc Runtime instance using all default values, then the default TCP/IP ports for the various protocols are as follows:

  • HTTP: 8080

  • HTTPS: 8443

  • JMX: 6969

  • AJP: 8009

You can change the TCP/IP listen ports for a particular tc Runtime instance by updating the INSTANCE-DIR/conf/ file, where INSTANCE-DIR refers to the directory in which the tc Runtime instance is located, such as /var/opt/vmware/vfabric-tc-server-standard/myserver.

The following snippet of shows how to change the HTTP, HTTPS, and JMX ports to 8181, 8553, and 7979, respectively:


vFabric tc Server does not have any external interfaces or services that need to be enabled or opened.