Note: Documentation for Pivotal SQLFire 1.1.x is now available at Please reference the site for the latest and most up-to-date documentation on SQLFire. The vFabric SQLFire documentation site will no longer be updated.


Flush and fsync all data to configured disk stores, including data in asynchronous persistence queues.

Use this procedure to ensure that all in-memory data is written to configured disk stores. You may want to fsync data in disk stores before copying or backing up disk store files at the operating system level, to ensure that they represent the current state of the SQLFire data.


SYS.diskstore_fsync (
The name of the disk store, as specified in the CREATE DISKSTORE statement. (Default or system-generated disk store names can be queried from the SYSDISKSTORES table.)


Performs an fsync of the the data dictionary disk store file:
sqlf> call sys.diskstore_fsync('SQLF-DD-DISKSTORE');
Statement executed.