Note: Documentation for Pivotal SQLFire 1.1.x is now available at Please reference the site for the latest and most up-to-date documentation on SQLFire. The vFabric SQLFire documentation site will no longer be updated.

sqlf revoke-missing-disk-store

Instruct SQLFire members to stop waiting for a disk store to become available.


sqlf revoke-missing-disk-store <disk-store-id>

The table describes options and arguments for sqlf revoke-missing-disk-store. If no multicast or locator options are specified on the command-line, the command uses the file (if available) to determine the distributed system to which it should connect.

Option Description
<disk-store-id> (Required.) Specifies the unique ID of the disk store to revoke. You can obtain the ID from the output of sqlf show-disk-store-metadata

Multicast port used to communicate with other members of the distributed system. If zero, multicast is not used for member discovery (specify -locators instead).

Valid values are in the range 0–65535, with a default value of 10334.


Multicast address used to discover other members of the distributed system. This value is used only if the -locators option is not specified.

The default multicast address is


List of locators used to discover members of the distributed system. Supply all locators as comma-separated host:port values.

-bind-address The address to which this peer binds for receiving peer-to-peer messages. By default sqlf uses the hostname, or localhost if the hostname points to a local loopback address.

Any other SQLFire distributed system property.


Handling Missing Disk Stores provides more details about listing and revoking missing disk stores.


This command first lists the missing disk store:

sqlf list-missing-disk-stores -mcast-port=10334
Connecting to distributed system: mcast=/
1f811502-f126-4ce4-9839-9549335b734d [curwen.local:/Users/yozie/vmware/sqlf/vFabric_SQLFire_11_bNNNNN/server2/./datadictionary]

Next, sqlf revokes the missing disk store if more recent data is available:

sqlf revoke-missing-disk-store 1f811502-f126-4ce4-9839-9549335b734d -mcast-port=10334
Connecting to distributed system: mcast=/
revocation was successful and no disk stores are now missing

Finally, sqlf verifies that no disk stores are missing:

sqlf list-missing-disk-stores -mcast-port=10334
Connecting to distributed system: mcast=/
The distributed system did not have any missing disk stores