About the SQLFire User's Guide

Revised February 18, 2014.

The SQLFire User's Guide provides step-by-step procedures for installing, configuring, managing, and developing applications with VMware® vFabric™ SQLFire. The guide also provides a complete reference for the SQLFire tools, supported SQL statements, and APIs.

Note: All documentation for Pivotal SQLFire 1.1.2 and later is available at http://docs.gopivotal.com/sqlfire/index.html.

Intended Audience

The SQLFire User's Guide is intended for anyone who wants to install or deploy SQLFire, and for developers who want to program applications that access a SQLFire system and/or implement SQLFire APIs. The guide assumes that you are familiar with SQL databases and database terminology, and that you have experience in developing database applications using Java or .NET technologies.