Note: Documentation for Pivotal GemFire 7.0.x is now available at Please refer to the Pivotal site for the latest and most up-to-date documentation on GemFire 7.0.x. The vFabric GemFire 7.0 documentation site will no longer be updated.

vFabric GemFire Native Client User's Guide

Revised April 22, 2014.

vFabric GemFire Native Client User's Guide provides step-by-step procedures for installation, configuration, and development of the VMware vFabric GemFire native client. vFabric GemFire and its native client counterpart are part of the VMware® vFabric Suite™.

Intended Audience

vFabric GemFire Native Client User's Guide is intended for anyone who wants to use the vFabric GemFire native client, including C++ and .NET developers programming their applications to use GemFire. This guide assumes experience developing with C++ and .NET. For information on how to manage and configure vFabric GemFire deployments, see the vFabric GemFire User's Guide.

Note: All current documentation for Pivotal GemFire 7.0.2 and later is now available at