vSphere 5.1: Monitoring Memory with vSphere Web Client

The EM4J Plug-in for vSphere Web Client 5.1 adds statistics about Java workloads and VM memory utilization to the vSphere 5.1 Web Client. You can quickly verify whether the VM and JVMs are configured correctly for EM4J ballooning and see detailed information about JVM processes and memory usage.

The EM4J Plug-in displays data collected by the Console Guest Collector (CGC), a utility you install in the guest OS on each virtual machine. The CGC collects memory statistics from the OS and from JVMs, including JVMs that do not have EM4J enabled. The vSphere Web Client retrieves this data from the virtual machine and displays it.

The EM4J Plug-in displays both current (snapshot) and historical data. Current data for a Java workload is displayed by selecting the virtual machine, clicking Related Objects > Workloads, and then choosing the workload from a list. Historical data is displayed by choosing a virtual machine and selecting Monitor > Performance > Workloads.

For information about installing the EM4J plug-in in the vSphere Web Client, see Installing the vSphere Web Client EM4J Plug-in.

For information about setting up the CGC, see Setting Up and Running the Console Guest Collector.