Monitoring vFabric EM4J

You can monitor virtual machine memory utilization, including ballooning, using vSphere Client or other tools such as esxtop.

More specific information about EM4J ballooning is available by querying EM4J MBeans through JMX. The vSphere Web Client EM4J plug-in adds more monitoring capabilities to the vSphere Web Client, including detailed real-time and historical metrics for EM4J-enabled Java workloads. The vSphere Web Client EM4J plug-in is also useful for monitoring memory usage in virtual machines that are not running EM4J-enabled Java workloads.

The EM4J plug-in is distributed in separate versions that are compatible with vSphere 5.0 and vSphere 5.1. The monitoring information presented by the plug-in is the same for both versions, but because of the redesign of the vSphere Web Client in 5.1, the procedure for accessing the information is different for the two versions.