Overview of vFabric Web Server

vFabric Web Server is the Web server and load-balancing component of VMware vFabric Suite. vFabric Web Server 5.2 is based on Apache HTTP Server version 2.2.

In addition to the standard features of Apache HTTP Server, vFabric Web Server provides the following mission-critical benefits:


Information for International Users

Complete Packages and Modules in vFabric Web Server 5.2

Differences Between vFabric Web Server and vFabric ERS

Information for International Customers

If you require multi-byte character-set support, VMware recommends that you follow these guidelines for using multi-byte filenames and multi-byte characters in configuration files. These guidelines provide the most flexibility and most consistent results:

  • Use the UTF-8 encoding when running a Unix terminal or Windows PowerShell. For example, to set this encoding on Unix, you can use the following environment variable:


    On Windows, you can run the following command in your PowerShell window:

    PS prompt> chcp 65001

    Important: The preceding Windows command does not always work as expected on pre-R2 versions of Windows 2008. For this reason, VMware strongly recommends that you install vFabric Web Server on Windows 2008 R2.

    Setting your encoding to UTF-8 results in better display of httpctl output, easier examination of the log files, and so on.

  • Edit and save all vFabric Web Server configuration files, such as conf/httpd.conf, in UTF-8 format. This improves the legibility of the Web Server access and error log files.