Complete Packages and Modules in vFabric Web Server 5.2

This section lists the complete contents of vFabric Web Server 5.2.


This document describes features and functionality for vFabric Web Sever 5.2. For general information about new features in Apache HTTP Server 2.2, see the Apache Web site.

You typically install vFabric Web Server from the vfabric-web-server-version-platform package, which contains all the preceding compiled modules. For your convenience, VMware also makes a vfabric-web-server-devel-version-platform package available which you can use to build HTTPD modules. Typically, you install the -devel package only on development computers, and not on production computers.

mod_fcgid Implementation of Connector to FastCGI

The mod_fcgid distributed with vFabric Web Server 5.2 is an implementation of the connector to FastCGI applications. This module allows the user to provision FastCGI providers such as PHP or Ruby on Rails from third parties, running out-of-process from the server itself.

Many applications can be built to support FastCGI; consult your language or application documentation for details. The application providing FastCGI services is launched by mod_fcgid on the initial request, and reused for subsequent requests to that application or language environment.

For details on configuring an application, including the number of persistent processes created, see Apache Module mod_fcgid.