Activate a vFabric tc Server Local License

When you purchase a local production license for vFabric tc Server, your account manager gives you one or more serial numbers. This section describes how to activate this local license.


This section does not apply if you purchased tc Server as part of vFabric Suite. To activate licensing for vFabric Suite (including tc Server), complete the procedures for installing vFabric License Server and activating vFabric Suite licenses in Getting Started with vFabric Suite. You may also want to read the other vFabric licensing sections in that guide, to understand how licensing works with vFabric Suite.

As described in the procedure below, activating a local license includes storing the license file in a particular directory on your computer. You have two options when deciding on the directory:

When a tc Runtime instance looks for a license, it searches first in its conf directory and then in the common location. If license files exist in both locations, the license file in the instance's conf directory takes precedence.


Obtain one or more serial numbers from your account manager; these serial numbers allow you to use vFabric tc Server.


  1. On the computer on which you installed tc Server, paste the serial number into a file named

  2. Save this file to one of the following locations:

    • The INSTANCE-DIR/conf directory, where INSTANCE-DIR refers to your tc Runtime instance directory, such as /var/opt/vmware/vfabric-tc-server-standard/myserver.

    • The appropriate common vFabric licensing directory on your computer:

      • Windows: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\VMware\vFabric\

      • Linux: /etc/opt/vmware/vfabric/

    Refer to the beginning of this section to decide which location to use.

  3. Ensure that the file is readable by the user who runs the tc Runtime instance.