How vFabric RabbitMQ Is Engineered for Modern Messaging

Messaging is critical to widely distributed, cloud-based applications that leverage pools of shared infrastructure. Modern web applications use messaging both within their own application components and to connect to other services.

This approach requires messaging software that is lightweight enough to embed throughout an application; easily adoptable by many developers across many teams; and flexible enough to integrate heterogeneous application components and systems. vFabric RabbitMQ leverages the advantages and requirements of modern messaging by implementing:

About AMQP

AMQP has widespread industry backing, especially among financial services and large-scale web application providers. It is a complete solution for all categories of messaging, from publish/subscribe and content-based routing to reliable and transactional transfer of large data sets.

Unlike JMS, AMQP is a binary wire protocol that enables testable interoperability across any language and platform. This capability translates into lower integration costs because, like TCP or HTTP, messaging becomes a simple matter of wiring. AMQP is a modern design, more like a switching exchange than like a database, and is not affected by technology decisions made in the 1990s.

To learn how vFabric RabbitMQ implements and extends AMQP, see Compatibility and Conformance and Protocol Extensions.