Getting Started With vFabric RabbitMQ

VMware vFabric Suite 5.2

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About Getting Started with vFabric RabbitMQ
Intended Audience
What Can You Do with vFabric RabbitMQ?
Main Features and Use Cases
How vFabric RabbitMQ Is Engineered for Modern Messaging
vFabric RabbitMQ Components
vFabric RabbitMQ Server
vFabric RabbitMQ Plug-ins
vFabric RabbitMQ Client Libraries
Installing vFabric RabbitMQ
Installation Note for vFabric Suite Customers
RHEL: Install vFabric RabbitMQ from an RPM
Install vFabric RabbitMQ from the VMware RPM Repository
Install vFabric RabbitMQ from a Downloaded RPM
RHEL: Start and Stop the RabbitMQ Server
RHEL: Install vFabric RabbitMQ Java Client Libraries from RPM
Windows: Install vFabric RabbitMQ Server
Windows: Start and Stop the RabbitMQ Server
Windows: Install vFabric RabbitMQ Client Libraries
Activate a vFabric RabbitMQ License
Upgrade vFabric RabbitMQ
Troubleshooting Installation Problems
Next Steps
Perform General Server Configuration Tasks
Implement SSL
Set Up Distributed Messaging and High Availability
Set Up and Work with vFabric RabbitMQ Clients