Supported Configurations and System Requirements

Revised August 16, 2012.

This section describes the tc Server supported configurations and system requirements.


tc Server Supported Configurations

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Software Requirement: Install JDK or JRE

Software Requirement: Bash Shell

Possibly Required: Install a Database Server

Possibly Required: Install GNUtar

tc Server Supported Configurations

The following table shows all supported configurations for vFabric tc Server. These include vFabric Suite supported configurations, as well as additional configurations supported by standalone vFabric tc Server.

The table indicates if the supported configuration is for production or development. Generally, Production support means you can run your production application on the platform; Developer support means you can develop on the platform but you should not run your production application on it. However, see vFabric Suite supported configurations for details.

Because you typically install and run the Hyperic Agent on the same computer as tc Runtime, you should also consult HQ Agent Requirements.

Table 1. vFabric tc Server Supported Configurations

Operating SystemProcessor ArchitectureJVMProduction or Developer Support?
RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) V5 x86_64, x86_32
  • Oracle JVM 6, 7

  • IBM JVM 6, 7

RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) V6 x86_64
  • Oracle JVM 6, 7

  • IBM JVM 6, 7

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x86_64, x86_32Oracle JVM 6, 7Production
Microsoft Windows XPx86_64Oracle JVM 6, 7Developer
Microsoft Windows 7x86_64Oracle JVM 6, 7Developer
MacOS X 10.6+x86_64Oracle JVM 6, 7Developer
Ubuntu 10.04x86_64Oracle JVM 6, 7Developer

Note: Follow the guidance of your operating system or JVM vendor when deciding which patch levels should be applied to your computer. In general, the latest patch update levels are recommended.