vFabric RabbitMQ and AMQP

RabbitMQ implements secure and highly reliable messaging with AMQP, the open standard protocol for business messaging. AMQP has widespread industry backing, from financial services to large-scale web application providers. It is a complete solution for all categories of messaging, from publish/subscribe and content-based routing to reliable and transactional transfer of large data sets.

Unlike JMS, AMQP is a binary wire protocol that enables testable interoperability across any language and platform. This capability translates into lower integration costs because, like TCP or HTTP, messaging becomes a simple matter of wiring. AMQP is a modern design, more like a switching exchange than like a database, and is not affected by technology decisions made in the 1990s.

To learn how vFabric RabbitMQ implements and extends AMQP, see Compatibility and Conformance and Protocol Extensions.