Monitor License Usage Using the Web User Interface

The vFabric License Server Reporting Web user interface provides a graphical representation of the vFabric license usage for a particular vCenter Server.


  1. Invoke the vFabric License Server UI in your browser by navigating to the following URL:


    where host is the IP address or hostname of the Windows computer on which you installed the vFabric License Server into a vCenter Server. If your browser is on the same computer, you can use localhost over HTTP:


    The following Web page appears:

  2. Specify a range of dates by either entering the number of days previous to the current date, or entering a specific start- and end-date.

  3. Specify the output of the report: either an HTML Web page that is rendered immediately, or a downloadable *.csv file that you can open in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, or import into a database application.

  4. Click Create Report.

  5. If you specified HTML output, a Web page similar to the following appears:

    The output shows the minimum, maximum, and average usage of the two license keys that have been installed in the vCenter Server. The period reflects the last 90 days from the current day (in this case May 1, 2012.) The bottom table lists all the vFabric components that the vFabric License Server is tracking, the version of the installed component, and the minimum, maximum, and average license usage for each component over the same period.