Using Spring Insight Operations

Spring Insight Operations enables you to see at a glance how your applications and servers are doing. You can immediately see the overall health of the cluster and, with a few clicks, view the performance of individual applications, end points, or servers.

The following procedures describe basic tasks that help you start using Spring Insight Operations:

Before You Begin

Before you start using Spring Insight Operations, set up your production application cluster and deploy applications. Setting up a clustering infrastructure is a complex topic and there are many alternatives available for load-balancing, managing servers, and deploying applications to a cluster. See Enabling Clustering for High Availability for information on this topic. The important considerations for using Spring Insight Operations with your cluster are:

  • Install a dedicated Insight Operations Dashboard – create a dedicated tc Runtime instance for the Dashboard using the Spring Insight Operations Dashboard template.

  • Install the Insight Operations Agent web application in your tc Runtime instances – use the Spring Insight Operations Agent template when you create the tc Runtime instances that run applications in your cluster. The Agent is configured to send application trace data to the Dashboard.

See Installing and Configuring Spring Insight Operations for detailed instructions for these tasks. For complete documentation about tc Server, see Getting Started with vFabric tc Server.