Difference Between Spring Insight Operations and Spring Insight Developer

Spring Insight Operations is designed to be deployed over a cluster of tc Runtime instances in production environments. Spring Insight Developer is designed for Web application development on a single tc Runtime instance during the development phase. The two Spring Insight products have a similar Dashboard user interface and collect similar information, except that Spring Insight Operations provides the additional capability to collect and view performance by server and overall for the cluster.

Because it runs on a single tc Runtime instance, Spring Insight Developer has a simpler architecture. Traces are collected and viewed on the same tc Runtime instance where the Web application is running. It is packaged as a template in vFabric tc Server Developer edition. With only one tc Runtime instance, Spring Insight Developer is trivial to set up. On the downside, it places greater resource demands on the tc Runtime instance than a tc Runtime instance running the Insight Agent component of Spring Insight Operations. That is, Spring Insight Developer is not designed for production deployments.

Both Spring Insight Developer and Spring Insight Operations can be customized by creating plug-ins using the Spring Insight Developer Kit. Custom plug-ins can collect traces from new execution points or define new ways to analyze and display trace information in the Dashboard. Plug-in development is documented in Spring Insight Developer documentation. The plug-ins you develop can be used with both Spring Insight Developer and Spring Insight Operations deployments.