Installing and Configuring Spring Insight Operations

To install Spring Insight Operations, you set up at least two tc Runtime instances. A single dedicated instance runs Spring Insight Dashboard. One or more other tc Runtime instances execute Web applications and are configured with the Spring Insight Agent template. The Spring Insight Agent software on each non-Dashboard server submits application trace information to the Dashboard server, where the information is compiled and displayed in the Dashboard user interface.

If you have obtained tc Server as part of the VMware vFabric Cloud Application Platform, complete the license activation and installation procedures in Getting Started with vFabric Cloud Application Platform before you continue with these installation instructions.


Download tc Server and Spring Insight Operations

Spring Insight Operations is distributed in two bundles, one for the Spring Insight Dashboard, and one for the Spring Insight Agent. If you have not already installed tc Server, you must also download and install vFabric tc Server Standard Edition. You can download ZIP or compressed TAR files, depending on your operating system and preference.

  • vFabric tc Server Standard Edition, for example vfabric-tc-server-standard-edition-2.6.0.RELEASE.tar.gz

  • Spring Insight Dashboard Template, for example insight-vfabric-tc-server-dashboard-1.6.0.RELEASE.tar.gz

  • Spring Insight Agent Template, for example insight-vfabric-tc-server-agent-1.6.0.RELEASE.tar.gz


  1. Go to the VMware download page at and navigate to the vFabric tc Server page.

  2. Download the tc Server Standard Edition bundle.

  3. Download the Spring Insight Dashboard and Spring Insight Agent bundles.