Install and Start Spring Insight Agent

The Spring Insight Agent software running on each tc Server instance submits application trace information to the server that hosts Spring Insight Dashboard, where the information is compiled and displayed in the Insight Dashboard user interface.

Perform the steps in this procedure for each tc Server instance that will participate in your Web application cluster, except for the server that hosts Insight Dashboard.



  1. On each computer where you will install a tc Server instance, except for the server that runs Spring Insight Dashboard, create a directory for tc Server.

    For example: /home/tcserver.

  2. Copy or upload the tc Server Standard Edition ZIP or compressed TAR file you downloaded into the directory that you created for tc Server.

  3. Extract the tc Server Standard Edition ZIP or compressed TAR file into the directory you created.

    The top-level directory that is created when you extract the bundle is the tc Server installation directory.

    For example: /home/tcserver/tc-server-standard-edition-2.6.0.RELEASE.

    This directory contains the tc Runtime utility scripts, the templates directory, tc Runtime 6 and 7, and so on.

  4. Copy or upload the Spring Insight Agent ZIP or compressed TAR file you downloaded into the tc Server directory.

  5. Extract the Spring Insight Agent Template bundle into the templates subdirectory of the tc Server installation directory.

    This action creates a directory with the name insight-agent in the templates subdirectory.

  6. In a Unix terminal window or Windows command prompt, change to the tc Server installation directory and use the or tcruntime-instance.bat command to create the tc Server instance that will run Spring Insight Agent.

    For example, enter the following command on one line:

    prompt$ ./ create MyInstanceN -t insight-agent  
        -p insight-agent.dashboard.jms.connect.uri=tcp://myDashboardServer:21234

    The table describes the tcruntime-instance command options in the example.

    Table 2. Main Options of the tcruntime-instance Command

    Command OptionDescription
    -t Specifies the template to use to create the instance. It is the name of the insight-agent directory you extracted into the templates directory.
    -pSets the property insight-agent.dashboard.jms.connect.uri to the URI that Insight Agent uses to communicate with Insight Dashboard. Replace myDashboardServer with the name or IP number of the computer running the Dashboard instance. The port number must match the port number specified when you installed the Spring Insight Dashboard instance (21234, by default).

  7. Start the tc Server instance.

    On Unix:

    prompt$ ./ myInstanceN start

    On Windows, you must install the instance as a Windows service before you start it. Perform this command one time only:

    prompt> tcruntime-ctl.bat myInstanceN install
    prompt> tcruntime-ctl.bat myInstanceN start
  8. Deploy your Web applications to the tc Server instance.

    Hot-deploy an application by copying its WAR file into the myInstanceN/webapps directory.

What to do next