Sample Default index.html File

The following sample index.html file is the default HTML file that appears in a browser when a user invokes the HelloWorld Web application. The index.html file in turn invokes both the hello.jsp JSP and HelloServlet servlet.

The index.html file invokes the JSP by linking to its name (hello.jsp). The HTML file invokes the servlet by linking to its URL pattern (/hello).

    <title>Sample "Hello, World" Application</title>
  <body bgcolor=white>

    <table border="0" cellpadding="10">
          <img src="images/springsource.png">
          <h1>Sample "Hello, World" Application</h1>

    <p>This is the home page for the HelloWorld Web application. </p>
    <p>To prove that they work, you can execute either of the following links:
      <li>To a <a href="hello.jsp">JSP page</a>.
      <li>To a <a href="hello">servlet</a>.