Restart a tc Runtime Instance

In this procedure you restart a currently running tc Runtime instance. If you need navigational help for the first few steps, see Getting Started with the Hyperic user interface.

  1. Click the Resources > Browse link at the top of the Hyperic user interface

  2. Click the Servers (X) link to see the list of servers known by Hyperic. To limit the number of displayed servers to only tc Runtime instances, select SpringSource tc Runtime 6.0 or SpringSource tc Runtime 7.0 from the Search drop-down list, then click the green arrow to the far right.

  3. In the table, click the tc Runtime instance you want to restart. The server is listed as platform-resource tc Runtime catalina-base-dir, where

    • platform-resource is the computer hosting the tc Runtime instance.

    • catalina-base-dir is the CATALINA_BASE directory of the tc Runtime instance without the leading directory pathnames, such as myserver.

  4. Click the Control tab. You use this Hyperic user interface page to stop, start, and restart the current tc Runtime instance, as described in the next step.

  5. In the Quick Control section of the page, select Restart from the Control Action drop-down list, then click the arrow to the right, as shown in the following graphic.

    After you click the restart button, the Command State field in the Current Status section says In progress until the tc Runtime instance is successfully restarted. The Current Status section always displays information about the last control action; in this case the restart of the tc Runtime instance.