Add tc Runtime Instances to the Favorite Resources Portlet

The main Hyperic dashboard includes a Favorite Resources portlet that lists the resources you most often manage. When you first install Hyperic, the portlet is empty. However, as you manage a particular resource, you might decide that you want to add it to your favorites portlet because you return to it frequently. In this procedure you add a tc Runtime instance to the Favorite Resources portlet.

  1. Navigate to the tc Runtime instance, as described in the first three steps of Restart a tc Runtime Instance.

  2. Click the Tools Menu in the top-left corner and choose Add to Dashboard Favorites.

  3. In the box, click the name of the user for whose dashboard the tc Runtime instance will show up as a favorite. Following our tutorial, click hqadmin, although if you logged in as another user you can enter that one.

  4. Click Add.

  5. The tc Runtime instance is displayed in the Favorite Resources portlet on the main dashboard: