The following sections describe common problems and resolutions.

Hyperic: Resources Not Showing up in the Hyperic User Interface

By default, an Hyperic Agent checks for new resources only once a day. For example, if you start the Hyperic Server and Hyperic Agent, and then create a new tc Runtime instance and start it, you might have to wait 24 hours for the new tc Runtime instance to be auto-discovered by Hyperic. You can force an auto-discovery of new resources in two ways:

  • Stop and start the Hyperic Agent on the computer for which you want to force an auto-discovery. When the Hyperic Agent starts, it automatically checks for new resources. See Starting and Stopping the Hyperic Server and Agents for details.

  • Use the Hyperic user interface to force an auto-discovery:

    1. From the main dashboard, click the Resources > Browse link.

    2. Click the Platforms(XX) link.

    3. In the table, click on the name of the platform for which you want to force an auto-discovery.

    4. In the top-right Tools Menu box, click New Auto-Discovery.

    5. In the top section called Quick Auto-Discovery Scan, click OK.

    New resources show up in the Auto-Discovery portlet of the main dashboard as soon as Hyperic completes the scan of the platform.